Not Abandoned

Not Abandoned
October 13, 2018

I want to revisit a portion of Scripture that I reflected on last week that I have been thinking about this week:

Psalm 22New Century Version (NCV)
1My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?
You seem far from saving me,
far away from my groans.
2 My God, I call to you during the day,
but you do not answer.
I call at night;
I am not silent.
3 You sit as the Holy One.
The praises of Israel are your throne.
4 Our ancestors trusted you;
they trusted, and you saved them.
5 They called to you for help
and were rescued.
They trusted you
and were not disappointed.

The writer begins with his feelings of abandonment, and he cries to God for help. Then he remembers the goodness of God in the history of his people.

We can feel abandoned when God seems far off and we are in a situation that is difficult. I have been out in the wilderness for nearly two years now and it has been difficult in many ways.

Our car insurance expires at the end of this month and we have been not too happy about the customer service and quality of the company. They were the best option at the time a year ago and the year is almost up. We tried another company and found out it would be $1.00 cheaper than the current company. I mean literally $1.00 cheaper. Much prayer and thought went into what to do next. We then tried a third company and the cost would be half of our current rate. These are unmistable moments where God shows up in an amazing way, and we become so filled with joy and amazement that God would help in this situation. He knows every aspect of our lives, physical, emotional, spiritual, financial and cares about the details of our lives. It has been rare to experience these moments in the wilderness, but these moments are faith-producing, to grow in the confidence that God is near, and He cares.
What situation are you going through? Like the writer of this Psalm, remember God has shown His kindness in the past, and He is still here today to help.

Father in heaven, thanks so much for these reminders that You not only help in times past, throughout history, but even today and in each of our own lives. Sometimes in different situations, it is hard to know You are here, but let us celebrate moments where you show up in amazing ways.

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