Thinking Differently

Thinking Differently
June 15, 2019

A couple of situations this week got me thinking about perspective. The NBA finals were this week and the Warriors were down one of their major players in a must win game five in Toronto. They won and sent game six back to Oakland for Thursday. In the third quarter, one of their best players got injured and they lost the game, and Canada won their first NBA championship. I was hoping that somehow the Warriors could pull out an upset but it did not happen.

Earlier today at Del Taco we went in and ordered one of our favorite items which is the shrimp burritos. The cashier informed us that the shrimp burritos have been discontinued. Although not on the menu, they said they could make fish burritos. In my mind, I was not too sure how it would taste and really wanted shrimp, but agreed to have the fish burrito. The fish burrito actually tasted pretty good. A Scripture sticks out to me this week:

Be careful what you think,
because your thoughts run your life. (Proverbs 4:23)

The lesson this week was that in these situations, what I was hoping for did not turn out, but something good still happened. I learned in these situations to be openminded and not to be narrow minded about these situations. There is a bigger picture for the NBA, and that is Canada for the first time has a team with an NBA championship. Although I am not Canadian, several of my relatives are Canadian and I can rejoice with them for the accomplishment of the team. Being negative and narrowminded is very harmful not just personally, but to the people around me. I need to choose how I think.


Father in Heaven, so often I have a certain way of thinking or perspective that limits me from experiencing Your goodness and keeps me with a narrow focus. Please help me to have the insight and understanding to see things from Your perspective.

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