oments of Joy and Moments of Frustration

Moments of Joy and Moments of Frustration
August 10, 2019
Within the last two days I have experienced joy and frustration. I have been using a web-based application, but it is difficult to use with my screen reader. Each time I need someone with eyesight to help me. There was a feature we tried but it did not work and so I contacted the help desk and they asked a simple question and that was if I was using the application on the web or the computer application and I found out that there is a computer application that can be used. The computer version is far more accessible and now I am able to use the program without sighted help. This might seem insignificant, but it is really empowering for someone who is disabled to do certain things independently. The joy I felt once I realized I could use the program on my own, that was an incredible joy that carried on into the next day.

Earlier today I had a difficulty. As I mentioned in a previous reflection, the area I live has a poor design for people with physical disabilities. There is a narrow incline to get to the building, and then there is a turn left along another narrow path, and it is at an incline. Because of some mysterious health condition, my leg muscles are weak, and both my feet are numb which makes walking very difficult even when there is no incline. There are two hardest points, the first is the step up on to the path which is at an incline, and the second hard part is making the turn right to another narrow path where there are bushes on both sides. I made it up the step, but on my turn right, I struggled to maintain my balance and nearly fell. That was the first time that happened, and it feels really frustrating. I am not sure what to do but there is a verse I think about:

13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. (Romans 15:13

Earlier this week I did not know there was a simple solution to the computer program, and once I found the solution, I felt so much joy. For the last seven years I have struggled to walk, and it has been so frustrating at times. I continue to trust God for the healing, restoration, and solution to this physical problem.

Heavenly Father, thanks so much that You walk with us through ever moment of our lives. Thanks for this week where You helped me to find a simple solution to the program I was using, and I felt so much joy at the time that now I could use the program without asking someone for help. Now, for the last seven years I struggle walking and moments like today are so frustrating, but I continue to trust You and to have hope that You have the solution. Please help me overcome this and experience Your presence, power, and goodness in my life.

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