More Than Expected

More Than Expected
August 17, 2019

I had been using an old belt for some time and last May I got a new one. It was a cheap belt from Target. It was discounted at about $11.00. It was fine for a few months, but sometimes I would punch the wrong hole and it would be loose. It was a more traditional belt and I had not know there are newer styles. The time came one day when my pants nearly fell off while I was on the street and I knew I had to get a new belt.

I just got a new belt yesterday and it is amazing. The technology on it is very different. It is not using a conventional method of punching holes, but it is sliding securely until it is tight. I am amazed at this design as now the belt is very secure. This seems like something very trivial, but such a simple thing got me excited all of yesterday and still today. There is a passage that says:

“No one has ever seen this,
and no one has ever heard about it.
No one has ever imagined
what God has prepared for those who love him.” Isaiah 64:4

I am amazed at the times when God really comes through in simple ways such as with this new belt.


Father in Heaven, thank You so much that You care for us and surprise us with simple things. I pray that we would open our eyes to the ways that You are showing Your kindness, but also please help us to show kindness to others.

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