Finding God’s Care in the Desert

Finding God’s Care in the Desert
December 15,2018

There was a moment this week that was very uncertain. Earlier this week there was a day where I was not sure if I had an assignment. Nothing was scheduled for that day and this would be the first time it happened since I started. Suddenly, around 6:00 in the morning I received a message that I have an assignment.

I am reading the book of Hosea and it tells of God’s love for His people and at the end of the book it says this:

I cared for them in the desert
where it was hot and dry. (Hosea 13:5)

Back when I lived in my hometown, I ignored all the passages that were about the desert. I never thought I would ever be living in the desert. I lived in the valley and it was near a river. There were many trees and the air was nice. Now, suddenly all the passages about God’s care in the desert becomes relevant. God has shown His provision here in the desert.

What concerns do you have today, take comfort in His care.

Father in heaven, thank You for kindness and care. Thank you that You know each one of our situations and can provide for us when we really need it. Please help us to see that You are at work even when it does not seem that way.