Looking For The Good in the Desert

Looking For The Good in the Desert
January 19, 2019

I am really struggling in these first few weeks in this year to think about good things while living in this desert. Last week I had reflected that it is hard not having any friends or family out here. This week I am just struggling to think positive. This week I started reading the book of Daniel. It was a difficult time for the people of Judah. Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon invaded the land and took many captives back to Babylon including Daniel and his three friends.

They were asked to eat food that violated their dietary laws and Daniel requested that he eat vegetables and drink water. What amazes me the most about this request is that the Bible says that God gave Daniel favor.

” God made Ashpenaz, the chief officer, want to be kind and merciful to Daniel” (Daniel 1:9)

Daniel’s request could have been rejected, after all, he was a foreigner and had no rights. At the time Daniel is a youth and yet God gives Daniel and his friends favor and people show him kindness.

There can be so many negative things to focus on wherever we are in life, but at the same time there are moments where God shows us kindness even though sometimes it can be easy to miss.

Father in Heaven, I admit, the past several months had not been easy. It is hard to see Your goodness at times. Please help me and help us to see the ways that You are showing kindness. Help us not only to experience and see Your kindness, but to find ways to be kind to others.