Year End Reflections

Year End Reflections
December 29, 2018

There is no other way to say it, but this year has been hard. It has been hard in so many ways, in particular with a work situation back in April, my legs getting more weak in the last two months, and back pain that started earlier this week. At the same time, I cannot focus on that but give thanks to God that there have been ways in which God came through in amazing ways such as a good work situation, seeing how God provided in the second half of this year, and finding free ministry training online.

At the school I am going through the Minor Prophets. In particular this week I was reading through Habakkuk which seems like a good way to end this year. The prophet wrestles with the problem of pain and the difficulty of knowing where is God in the midst of that. Chapter three is how he ends his prayer:

Fig trees may not grow figs,
and there may be no grapes on the vines.
There may be no olives growing
and no food growing in the fields.
There may be no sheep in the pens
and no cattle in the barns.

But I will still be glad in the Lord;
I will rejoice in God my Savior.

The Lord God is my strength.
He makes me like a deer that does not stumble
so I can walk on the steep mountains. (Habakkuk 3:17-19)

Habakkuk recognizes that things do not look too good right now, but he finds joy and strength in God. It is hard to have that perspective when we are in the midst of moments that seem hard. I am in the season of wondering how am I going to make it, but I need to have the attitude that I can still rejoice in God and find strength in the Lord.

What areas are you finding it hard to trust God?

Father in Heaven, there is no other way to say this, but this year has been hard. The year is over in a few days but I need to recognize that You provided in so many ways. Help us all to find joy and strength in You even when it is hard and even when we have situations that are not so good.